Yuki Neox DSC Maseraty

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Yuki NEOX DSC MASERATY Three sections surfcasting rod. One of the fave rods for shore fishing competition anglers and world champions. Impressive strength while keeping a high sensibility, It features Fuji reel seat, Low Rider Titanium guides and hybrid tip. Made of super light high modulus carbon.

Yuki Neox DSC Maseraty Rod an ultra-lightweight rod, made of High Modulus Super Light Carbon, equipped with a powerful, hybrid tip for better detection of bites. Its power can achieve spectacular casts.
NEOX DCS Maseraty is a top seller YUKI rod, especially in the Morocco market, but also at the rest of the world as it is quite stiff but with a sensitive tip as well, able to cast big leads and feel the ultra-light bites of small fish at the same time.

Many fishermen prefer the NEOX DCS Maseraty for competition fishing as well, especially when casting far is a must like at the sandy beaches of Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and France. Can provide that extra meters and still keep your baits in place even if we are talking about light baits such as live worms which are very important to keep their good shape after the long cast.

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. English

    by Omar Mansouri

    Yuki Neox DSC Maseraty est une canne remarquable qui allie à la fois solidité et légèreté, ce qui en fait un choix de choix pour les pêcheurs à la recherche de hautes performances. Construite avec des matériaux avancés et un design innovant, cette canne offre une expérience de pêche exceptionnelle.

  2. English

    by Karim Rahmani

    One of the standout features of the Neox DSC Maseraty is its incredible strength. The rod is built to withstand the toughest fishing conditions, allowing anglers to target larger fish with confidence. Its impressive backbone ensures excellent power transfer, enabling precise casting and optimal control during fights.

  3. English

    by Youssef Chakir

    Despite its strength, the Neox DSC Maseraty remains surprisingly lightweight. This makes it a joy to handle, minimizing fatigue during long fishing sessions. The sensitive tip enhances bite detection, ensuring you don’t miss any subtle strikes. Additionally, the rod’s well-balanced design provides excellent sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing for accurate lure presentation.

  4. English

    by Pelis Fredie

    Le Yuki Neox DSC Maseraty est également équipé de composants de haute qualité, notamment des guides robustes et une poignée ergonomique confortable. L’aspect élégant et moderne de la tige ajoute à son attrait général.

  5. English

    by Bouhdid

    Dans l’ensemble, la Yuki Neox DSC Maseraty est une canne fantastique qui offre des performances exceptionnelles.

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